My Buzzoid Review | Buying Instagram Followers/Likes From Them
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My Buzzoid Review | Buying Instagram Followers/Likes From Them

buzzoid reviews

My Buzzoid Review | Buying Instagram Followers/Likes From Them

My Buzzoid Experience = POSITIVE

If you want your Instagram to see more likes and followers than ever before in just minutes, you can count on Buzzoid. The service turned my Instagram around, taking the total amount of followers on my page from 120 to 2,654 and increasing the exposure I get on the app.

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If you’re like me, then you know how hard it can be to get enough followers to feel official. When I first started (before I got into the Law industry), I had a goal of becoming an influencer and gathering a loyal crowd of followers within a few short months.

It’s never as easy as others make it seem. There’s a lot of work that goes into getting followers, especially starting out when your numbers are really small. You won’t get noticed with just a handful of likes and followers – people won’t think you’re worth the time. 

This is where Buzzoid came in handy for me. Buzzoid is a marketing service known for providing Instagram users likes, followers, and views. The package I bought bumped my numbers up to a level that gave me enough credibility as an influencer to start growing my fanbase organically.

And, unlike other companies, I didn’t even have to give them my password – all they needed was my Instagram username.

For me, buying Buzzoid Instagram likes and followers was a good decision. What do they offer that persuaded me to use their service over others?

buzzoid review

Here is my review of Buzzoid’s Instagram services.

Plans & Pricing

Buzzoid has several different plans based on the desired amount of real Buzzoid Instagram followers you want. Each package includes standard features, such as:

  • No password required
  • Starts working in minutes
  • Video views included
  • Ultra fast delivery
  • Support 24/7

Plans differ depending on the amount of likes, views, or followers you want. There are affordable plans for:

  • 100 Likes & Followers
  • 500 Likes & Followers
  • 2,500 Likes & Followers
  • 5,000 Likes & Followers

For more information about the pricing of plans for your Instagram account or to get service questions answered, connect with their 24/7 support team. Judging by my experience, you’ll find them to be very helpful.

Pros & Cons

Nothing is perfect, and although Buzzoid reviews in other places may say otherwise, I found that the positive aspects of their service outweighed the negatives.

  • PRO: Buzzoid followers are real. You won’t have to worry about deactivated accounts or other dummy Instagram accounts taking up space in your follower list and looking suspicious. Every account that follows and likes your content from Buzzoid is real, so you won’t deal with any phonies.
  • PRO: With Buzzoid, Instagram likes increase instantly. The delivery time that Buzzoid has is extremely fast, delivering the followers you want in just a few minutes. They have been working with Instagram users ever since the start of the social media app, so they know how to get everything you need.
  • PRO: The prices are super affordable. You don’t need to pay high prices to get the exposure and social media promotion Buzzoid offers. The packages are reasonably priced, saving you money and keeping you from having to go with more expensive service providers that don’t offer as much.
  • PRO: Schedule your likes. Do you want likes on a post as soon as it is done uploading? This is completely possible with Buzzoid’s scheduling feature. It allows users to schedule likes so that they are delivered the moment you want them – even the very moment you upload a picture.
  • PRO: Speak with a real customer support team. Are you tired of dealing with machines that struggle to understand commands over the phone? What about companies that constantly send you to voicemail and never return calls? Buzzoid has a customer service team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any and all of your questions and troubleshoot issues you may run into.
  • CON: Once they follow you, you can’t get rid of them. Since Buzzoid uses real Instagram accounts to follow and like your posts, you will not be able to delete followers. If you would like to hide certain followers, you can do so by blocking each user profile you don’t want to see anymore.
  • CON: You can only get a certain amount of followers every 30 days. Each order can contain as many followers and likes as you want, but you are limited to 100,000 followers during each 30 day timeframe. You can’t delay followers either, so you must wait 30 days if you want to increase followers past 100,000.

My Buzzoid review has explored the nuances of Buzzoid and how it can help you get the following you deserve without having to give your password to just any service provider. Some may question it, asking ‘is Buzzoid legit’? Rest assured, I can tell you it’s real, and you can get thousands of likes, views, and followers sooner than you ever imagined.


What if you want more than 100,000 followers?

If you have big plans for your Instagram and want more than the total allowed amount during each 30-day period, you may need to speak with a Buzzoid representative to get information about furthering your follower amount.

Is Buzzoid a scam?

Buzzoid is 100 percent legitimate. The followers and likes on your Instagram account are real user profiles. You don’t have to worry about delays, either – Buzzoid does not delay orders. As soon as you place your order, the process begins and you will see an increase in followers within minutes.

What if your followers go down instead of up?

If you have used a service like Buzzoid before, then you know that sometimes the rise in followers can be accompanied by the loss of followers. If you lose followers within 30 days of your purchase, the company will refill the followers that were lost at no additional cost as per their free refill policy.

You tried Buzzoid and you didn’t like it – what do you do?

If you try Buzzoid and find that you’re not satisfied with your results, all you need to do is notify them and you will receive a refund for your order. This means you can try the service without fear of wasting your money on a scam or some other illegitimate marketing service provider.

If you want your Instagram to see more likes and followers than ever before in just minutes, you can count on Buzzoid. The service turned my Instagram around, taking the total amount of followers on my page from 120 to 2,654 and increasing the exposure I get on the app.

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