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Maxine Waters and Her Fundraising

Maxine Waters and Her Fundraising

The National Legal and Policy Center, which is a watchdog group of conservatives, recently filed a complaint against Maxine Waters, Democratic rep from California, based on a fundraising tactic that she utilized for a Los Angeles mayor that got defeated in the primaries in June.

A pro-charter school group called Villaraigosa paid $25,000 for a committee that is called “Citizens for Waters,” basically, one of her campaign committees – in order to include the group in her sample ballot mailer – in short, a ballot based on who Maxine Waters supported in the primaries. They were mailed to 200,000 voters in the area, and have been since 2004.

The problem is, candidates and their committees are supposed to pay for mailers and the sending of them, and Waters has been paying her daughter, Karen and her PR firm to produce, print out, and mail out those mailers. Granted, the candidates are paying to reimburse instead of endorsing, but the line is fuzzy and so there’s a lot of conversation around it.

The watchdog group is requesting a full audit of the Congresswoman’s campaign, and there will likely be more information in the future – if the investigation goes through and if it is something that needs further looking into, it could be problematic for many people running for office in the future.

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