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Hello! My name is Anita Rabonowitz, and I’m a stereotype. Well, not really a stereotype, but I am a Jewish business lawyer that lives right outside of center-city Boston. I was raised in the Bronx – as you may expect. My mom and dad always supported me with all of my ideas related to the world of business. I started off thinking that I wanted to be a big shot business owner – I wanted to run something that would help the community and make me money. But, as I got older, I recognized it took more than just knowledge, started reading about business law, and it was a big rabbit hole.

Then, I got hired at a firm in Boston shortly after I finished law school and here I am – doing business law and telling you all about it. People joke that I betrayed the Big Apple by heading to Boston after I finished school, but that’s alright – I’m doing what I love and I think people in Boston can handle my personality a little better anyway.

In 2007, I met my spouse, Ryan, and we decided that it was going to be a good idea to start helping small businesses in the area to be successful. They had been a successful bookstore owner for a number of years and wanted to share knowledge and mentor people. I, on the other hand, know and understand the legal hubbub that is associated with the whole thing. So, we started a nonprofit organization that works with local businesses to take care of their questions and concerns.

We’re animal lovers through and through – some of my coworkers at the firm joke that I’m a crazy cat lady through and through – and I support that isn’t so bad when you think about it, right? We currently have 3 cats that we own and we just got done fostering some kittens when I started this blog. We will probably keep one of them too, and I’ll make sure that I post pictures so that you can see just how awesome our cats are.

At this point, we’re aunt and uncle to two amazing kids – one from each of my sisters – and we enjoy spoiling them. Kids aren’t really in the cards with how busy our lives are, but we find that there’s a lot to enjoy in life and marriage even without having kids. And hey – our furbabies are just as much our kids, right?

So, of course, I’m not busy enough, right? So let’s start a blog about business news and that sort of thing so that everyone on the internet can see who I am and what I’m doing – that’s totally the best idea. I hope that you end up enjoying what we are doing here at Raw Business Law. We’re hoping to expand and, as you can see from the other parts of my life, I’ve got plenty of ambition to make it a reality, right?


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