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Provisional shareholders meeting to vote less than triple the total equity share capital of a third,

States United States Nominated Wang Junzhou, Li Juntao, who’s elected, marking the formal entry into the States United States triple time.

Yesterday (February 2, 2009) morning, Jinan Wah Hing Building, 4th Floor, by theTriple Trading Company (600898, SH), launched the first major shareholders general meeting of shareholders held here.

With the June 2008 General Assembly, held in different directors general, the change of the General Assembly is “National U.S. home” party: Land, staff are GOME prior arrangements goal is clear, to shareholders of the General Assembly general election, the country officially into the U.S. the main board. Voting results to the country the United States won a landslide victory.

Wangjun Zhou, Jun-Tao Li, Mou your first high-level U.S. and other countries to be elected as directors of triple trading company. Thus, the triple trading company officially entered the era of GOME.

Scenes of one-sided Just after 9:00 yesterday, reporters rushed to the scene, the staff of the United States Jinan, China has been busy in order. The majority of shareholders declined the presence of the media, Gome’s explanation is: to be the media too much, will cause confusion in the venue.

War of words with the scene than the last general meeting of shareholders, the shareholders of the session was very mild. The only episode occurred in the triple trading company legal affairs, chairman of Sun Yu FENG Wei-zhong trading company commissioned by the triple, read his statement, saying, “Shandong Longji Island hosted the shareholders meeting referred to the motion violated the” Company Law “and triple the relevant provisions of the Articles of Association. and are now at stake in litigation stage, hold a shareholder meeting at this time is not right. but the long-term development and social stability considerations, from shareholders, especially minority shareholders interests, will still effort to do a good job. “

Since then, the triple side triple trading company also announced the first session of the first plenary meeting of Congress workers resolutions, the resolutions of the shareholders attending the meeting causing the backlash. Site, and Jun-related business representative said it would launch a “small shareholder revolution”, the board hopes to rely on general maintenance of the interests of minority shareholders.

The final voting results, was attended by a total of 11 shareholders and agents, representing total equity shares of listed companies accounted for 26.06%. In addition to triple the end of the motion on behalf of Sun Yu 700 shares cast against it, and another shareholder to vote 100 shares abstained, the remaining shareholders voted in favor, the motion by the end of the rate of 99.99%.

Announced the results during the applause sounded inside constantly. Reporter interviewed a random small shareholders, he said that the vote cast in favor, and that the country settled in the United States re-election as soon as possible.

Yesterday (February 2, 2009) at a board meeting, Wang Junzhou, Sun was elected for a small company, respectively chairman and vice chairman, former U.S. deputy national total, is the latest high-level changes of the “iron triangle” one. Wang Jian, general manager of Chongqing, China as the company’s general manager of the United States, Yung Duo, Song Hongqi were appointed as chief financial officer, assistant general manager in the company’s board of directors appointed before the formal appointment of secretaries to directorate director candidates to act as secretaries to directorate Sun a small role. In addition, the Board also decided to hire an accounting firm in Lei provide financial audit services in 2008, the bill will be submitted to shareholders for its consideration.

Country United States is expected to resume trading next monthYesterday (February 2, 2009) the annual general meetingSanlian Group Sectors have questioned the restructuring of that country Sanlian Group has sued the United States, courts have accepted, the eve of the upcoming trial, “State trading companies triple the U.S. elections board candidates at this time illegal.” A senior U.S. State said yesterday that, in fact, GOME has a triple trading company a year’s time to change the status of poor management. But the results show that, in order to FENG Wei-zhong trading company headed by former triple and failed leadership. General meeting of shareholders as the controlling shareholder of normal.

It has been revealed

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