Potential bidders approached yahoo’s board – Business


According to people familiar with the situation said, potential bidders already will buy the Internet company Yahoo (Yahoo Inc.) some or all business with Yahoo to consult, at present Yahoo focus is on management and strive to maintain the stability of online advertising business. One person said, one of the potential bidders, private equity company Silver Lake are executives have potential trade call yahoo’s board members, but yahoo has not yet and Silver Lake meeting. It is not clear to yahoo Silver Lake details on the proposal. According to people familiar with the matter said the media industry, executives, Chernin, Peter (cher) has recently for some investors buy yahoo part of the joint equity trading and discuss the company, but negotiations are still in the primary stage, it is not clear whether investors have to join. According to a person familiar with the deal said, yahoo has to potential bidders said he wasn’t a deal quickly pressure. Silver Lake and yahoo spoke sman per capita declined to comment. According to people familiar with the situation said, yahoo director in Wednesday’s board of directors routine session bidders are discussed. Last week’s Carol Bartz barr () been lifted chief executive post, a strategic direction of yahoo, and whether to continue as a separate entity and survival had the question. One of them, said people familiar with the directors have focused on the sale of all or part of the company business assessment, and not looking for the CEO. But the board of directors for the yahoo’s development in the future not make major decisions. Yahoo to sell shares the openness of the attitude show that, as Facebook, etc social web sites and mobile and its application are becoming more and more popular, yahoo’s long-term growth does face many challenges. A person familiar with the deal said, the directors also explores the other strategic acquisitions or change investors hold yahoo equity type of possibility. According t o people familiar with the situation said the board of directors of the company, is also in the interim CEO Morse (Tim Morse) under the leadership of the internal operation were discussed. Insider said, yahoo in Asia have equity is the focus of the board of directors. Yahoo China held alibaba group holdings LTD. 40% of the equity, yahoo Japan held 35% of the equity. According to b. Riley & Co. And Stifel, Nicolaus & Co. Analysts say that two parts of yahoo shares of total market value 1/3 to 1/2, yahoo’s market capitalisation of about $18 billion. Is considering a deal with yahoo some private equity fund privately said, unless yahoo’s Asian assets, the scale of the yahoo sold to narrow it convenient for acquisition, otherwise they will not purchase. But according to a person familiar with the deal said, yahoo’s board think, some potential bidders might be interested in takeover of the whole company. A person familiar with the deal said, the directors have ruled out will yaho o Asia divestitures out an independent holding company, due to the possibility of alibaba, the financial situation of the basic not public, the Securities and Exchange Commission (top)-based transactions may oppose the move. Insider said, in the past few months have been seeking to improve its yahoo’s Asian assets value or sell its shares, but because of the way to sell the tax issue might bring, and in the yahoo and alibaba alibaba stake was worth divided on issues related to the factors such as the talks have become complicated.

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