Kang trademark battle of Revelation Who Executive trademark “Death Certificates” – Kang, s – Business


(750, ‘Following the quot Little Sheep quot trademark after World War II Chaoyang City Guangdong Kang Fine Chemical Industry Co Ltd now called Shantou Kangwang Fine Chemical Industry Co Ltd and Hong Yunnan Yunnan Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd 2 quot Kang quot Trademark World War due to use almost all available judicial administrative procedures and become the most talked about intellectual property in recent years specimens of Case quot Kang quot trademark in the quot bridgehead quot on the close fight br br A while ago Shantou company was disclosed in the identified cases of fraud well known trademarks the ultimate effect it has three well known trademark has been canceled typical case this year 39 s widely recognized by the community denounced the false live well known trademark materials br br Shantou company will bring well known trademark recognized fraud scandal is the driving force behind the Yunnan Dian Hong medicine Four years Dian Hong medicine throughout the count ry on 12 occasions by courts at all levels 24 times through the industrial and commercial administrative organs at all levels throughout the country identified Shantou infringement of their quot Kang quot trademark and the fact that the implementation of unfair competition br br However while Yunnan Hong medicine in two quot Kang quot on the upper hand in the occasion the company brings Shantou Trademark 44th quot for three consecutive years to stop using quot clause to the Yunnan Rainbow Pharmaceutical blow Rainbow Medicine held to Yunnan No No 738 354 quot Kang quot trademark face the risk of revocation In this regard the Beijing Municipal Higher People 39 s Court on Sept 18 upheld the Court of First Instance made two judgments one to remove the SAIC Trademark Review and Adjudication Board No 738 354 No of quot Kang quot trademark review decision to withdraw two judges in the business No 738 354 on the first three months quot Kang quot trademark to review the decision agai n br br Held Dian Hong medicine registered in the third category of commodities such as cosmetics the first 738 354 numbers on quot Kang quot trademark technology transfer from Beijing Kang Liya Health Corporation Shantou companies to withdraw an application the Trademark Office will notify the Beijing Kang Liya provided evidence of use but the company has within the time limit does not exist without cross examination the Trademark Office did not notice when the transfer has been registered trademark of the pieces of Yunnan Hong medicine So an adjudication to cancel the trademark br br Informed of their trademark as a quot death mark quot after the abolition of business judges to the Yunnan Hong medicine for review filed suit to use the mark during the evidence including the quot Kang quot brand internal and external cracking skin cream box and brochures and other packaging materials and commission processing than other units quot Kang quot lotion and so on TRAB corrected Tr ademark Office revoked the decision determination to maintain the trademark registration br br The Shantou company has prosecuted to the Beijing First Intermediate People 39 s Court Beijing one hospital that provided Yunnan Dian Hong medicine quot Kang quot crack cream products on physical and other evidence did not follow state regulations licensing and labeling of cosmetics hygiene license so the act was in fact violated the production of cosmetics the relevant provisions of administrative regulations can not believe that is the trademark sense of quot legal quot use of behavior no protection of the trademark Thus a Beijing Court decisions in the maintenance of the judges withdrew registration business decision br br TRAB and Dian Hong medicine are dissatisfied appeal to the Beijing Municipal Higher People 39 s Court Judges that the issue of business licenses belonging to other areas of the law adjusted not flaws in the use of trademarks and trademark law in the 44th ie qu ot stop using the trademark for three consecutive years the Trademark Office shall be ordered to correct or withdraw its registered trademark quot confused This view has not been recognized Beijing High Court Beijing High Court upheld the first instance verdict br br Why the two sides in No 738 354 quot Kang quot trademark on such a close fight Shanghai University Professor Tao Xinliang told reporters Shantou company registered in the third category of quot Kang kanwan quot text with pinyin trademark approved the use of the product as quot toothpaste soap quot In the third category of shampoo cosmetics only registered a quot Kanwan quot alphabet mark want to shampoo cosmetics registration quot Kang quot word mark must be excluded in the hands of Dian Hong No 738 354 No of Chinese medicine quot Kang quot trademark in first right So remove and defend the 738 354 number quot Kang quot trademark destined to be quot Kang quot War of the bridgehead ‘)

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