Growing Needs of Law and Trademark Registration Firms in Various Cities of India – Business – Customer Service


Trademark is an intellectual property of the company that defines the identity of the company in the form of symbol, phase, design, name and logo. Trademark registration is a very powerful trademark registration tool to safeguard the distinctive services and product. It is a type of service mark in the form of logo, name, design and image. It enables company’s product or service to get identified in the market. Trademark is a type of unique sign, symbol or indicator that differentiates your product in the corporate world. During these days trademark registration is very important as we seeing rapid development in the economy and growth of privatization. This is the main reason of growing needs of law firms in India.

Trademark registration is very simple process that differs from country to country. trademark registration in india involves describing your trademark as sign, symbol, logo, image, design etc. Then we gave to mention in detail where this particular trademark will be use by individual or company as whole. Then, if it has been used earlier by someone or somewhere by same company or individual then mention with complete details, when it was first used apart from this. Trademark registration is very famous in India and in other Asia countries. As it one of the beneficial programs in terms of trademark protection that protects from stolen or used by unauthorized or other individual or company. Whether small or big, domestic or international it is recommended to get trademark registration to get their unique identity in the market in respect of your product or service.A trademark when it is registered is entered in the registry records which is a statutory requisite and is maint ained with Indian Trade Marks Registry. The purity of the Register is of vital concern and it is for this reason that the Indian Trade Marks Act, 1999 has in place a three tire scrutiny procedure to ensure the purity of the register. The first scrutiny is conducted by the Trademark office sou moto wherein it searches the trademark data base and checks whether there are any other similar or identical marks and issues Office actions if any.

In India you will find number of law firms that offer wide varieties of company law services and trademark registration in various cities of India like trademark registration in Delhi, trademark registration in Chennai, trademark registration in Mumbai, trademark registration in bangalore, trademark registration in Hyderabad, trademark registration in Kolkata, trademark registration in Ahmedabad, trademark registration in Jaipur, trademark registration in Pune, trademark registration in Agra, trademark registration in Noida, trademark registration in Chandigarh, patent registration in india and for all different cities of India. Apart from these are many other services which are offered by different types of law firms in India like trademark brand, trademark litigation, trademark attorney India, trademark application, trademark protection and many more. As there are many benefits of trademark registration but the main benefit is an enforcement rights against third party in terms of attorneys fees or statutory damage.

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